[PDF] Planning for assessing 21st century spaces for 21st century learners

19 Mar

How do you measure return on investment of time, energy and funds expended in shaping and sustaining physical environments serving 21st century learners? 

How does space influence the nature of the learning experience?

How can focusing on what students are to become, on how learning happens drive the process of shaping and sustaining 21st century learning environments?

This guide, developed by a working group convened by the LSC, is a template for exploring such questions. It is intended to advance efforts on individual campuses to imagine and shape new spaces, reimagine and repurpose existing spaces; it is intended to inform the national dialogue about why attention to physical learning environments matters. 


Reports and reflections in this guide illustrate how research findings are influencing campus-based programmatic and pedagogical change, transforming what and how students learn. They also present evidence of how such findings inform the process of transforming the physical spaces—where students learn. They signal how attention to central questions that should drive planning for assessing 21st century learning space for 21st century learners.



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