How To Leverage Quality To Drive Rather Than Block Innovation

25 May

Why We Need A Whole New Definition And Approach To Quality

Understanding Quality

Quality “As Is”

All agree – especially students – that quality is critical in determining not only the value of a degree, diploma or certificate, but in determining the long-term viability of a program, course or institution. Quality matters. But how we determine quality can be an inhibitor for innovation and change.

There are several key developments which will drive new thinking about quality and quality assurance. Ten in particular are worthy of our attention:

  1. The development of learning analytics
  2. The use of student engagement as a basis for benchmarking and evaluation
  3. New forms of flexible learning, which focus on outcomes, not process
  4. New forms of assessment
  5. The focus on skills and competencies
  6. New kinds of credit and skills recognition
  7. New providers for learning with new institutional models and processes
  8. The internationalization of learning
  9. A changed expectation about qualifications and outcomes from employers
  10. A renewed focus on outcomes and impact
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